Christian MingleReview of Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is considered to be the largest and most popular online Christian dating site on the market today. They have established themselves as offering the best services to Christian singles and they continue to grow in popularity. The goal of Christian Mingle is to help Christian singles find others of the same faith in order to start lasting and God-centered relationships.

If you are someone looking to find other Christians online then is one of the best options out there. They have developed a service that is truly centered around the Christian faith and they also are able to boast of a very large membership base.

How it Works

If you so choose, members can start out with a free membership. Obviously this costs nothing to get started and you will be able to create your own online profile, as well as search for other members on the site. However, you are not able to communicate with any of the other members with the free membership. The options are very limited until you decide to sign up with one of their paid memberships.

When you create an account at Christian Mingle you will be able to tell all about yourself in your profile. You will put in such things as your height, ethnicity, education and so on. There is also a place where you can add your own more detailed information that you might want others to know about you just from reading through your profile. They also offer some other unique features when setting up and completing your profile such as the Color Code Personality, Readiness IQ report and the COMPASS matching test.

These special features help better prepare your profile for other members and will definitely aid in helping find the right match for you. Remember, the focus of this online dating site is to match Christians with other Christians. This means that it will be different to many other dating sites since that is where the focus is. If you have used other online dating sites then the way Christian Mingle goes about matching you up might seem strange but they really do know what they're doing.

As soon as you have decided to sign up with a paid membership you will be able to contact other members by sending them emails, IM conversations, message boards and a live chat feature. The paid membership isn't too expensive when you think of all that Christian Mingle has to offer their customers and the track record that they have for setting up new and lasting Christian relationships.

Pros and Cons of Christian Mingle

Probably the best advantage of Christian Mingle is the fact that is specifically designed for a group of people. Christian singles looking to find relationships have a perfect opportunity with Christian Mingle. They have dedicated their time and effort into making one of the best Christian dating sites. Because this was designed just for Christians, there are no other distractions that get in the way allowing them to develop a dating service that has proven to actually work very well.

Another huge advantage that Christian Mingle has over most every other Christian dating site is the fact that their membership base is much larger than all the others. What this does is that it makes it much more likely that you will be able to find other Christian singles on this site that are actually in your area rather than across the country or even somewhere else around the world. Since they have so many active members, there are always matches somewhere near where you live.

One other thing that really sets this dating site apart is the community of Christian believers that it has developed. Within the site there are many different areas that are built specifically for the community and not just the dating. Things such as the prayer request area where members can post prayer needs that they have and their online worship center where they have tons of Christian resources to help develop your own faith. The community throughout Christian Mingle becomes very strong and makes for one of the biggest advantages to joining this online dating site.

There really aren't a whole lot of negatives to talk about when it comes to Christian Mingle. They have really developed something special here that will help Christian singles not only find healthy relationships but also give them the resources to fellowship and build up their Christian faith. Once people actually make the commitment and sign up, they rarely ever regret that decision and often times find it to be one of the best choices they ever make.

Christian Mingle Membership Options

The different membership options at Christian Mingle are listed below:

Christian Mingle offers several different payment methods for memberships including credit card, debit card, PayPal, online check and through regular mail.