Advantages of Online Dating

Online dating once had a bad rap as a last resort for lonely people looking for love. Fortunately, the stigma associated with online dating has largely disappeared as the general population has become increasingly interconnected and comfortable with the idea of getting things done on the internet. It is apparent now that the advantages of online dating greatly outnumber any potential disadvantages.

1. Online dating is perfect for the busy professional

Once you get out of school, it can be difficult and time consuming to find other people in your dating pool. Meeting people outside of work and school often occurs at bars, clubs and other time consuming social events. If you’re in the prime age for dating, the chances are that you spend a significant portion of your time working on your career.

Meeting people by traditional methods in today’s day and age can take a lot of time. Not only is it time consuming to simply meet people, but it seemingly takes forever to find people who are single and then even longer to meet people who are single, willing to date you and who are compatible with you. There’s a lot working against single professionals today.

2. Online dating is straightforward

Online dating is geared for people who are actually interested in dating. When you meet people out and about in the world, it’s hard telling who is single, who wants to date and who is even worth dating. Online dating at least removes much of the guessing in the early stages of meeting people. People who are comfortably single or who are in relationships do not usually join online dating sites.

3. Dating sites take away the awkwardness

Dating sites make it easy to approach people because everyone is there for the same reason. On top of that, many dating sites have simple buttons you can click to send someone a wink, nudge, poke or whatever they may call it. If you receive the same thing in return, you can initiate conversation without the awkwardness that is involved in approaching people in person.

Some online dating sites even have little chat games that can be used to break the ice. At these dating sites, you can send people short quizzes that ask quirky questions that are designed to spark conversation. This is a much simpler way to start conversation than by walking up to some stranger without even knowing if that person is in the dating pool.

4. You already have something in common with every single person you meet

The fact that you and all your potential matches have decided to join an online dating site is huge! Although online dating has become a billion dollar industry in the US, most people are still hesitant to give online dating an honest shot. When you visit a dating site, though, you are talking to other people who share at least one thing in common with you: the willingness to try online dating.

5. Online dating is much cheaper than traditional dating

The first stages of getting to know someone online are much cheaper than the first stages of getting to know someone in real life. Yes, you will eventually move the relationship offline, but now there’s no need to spend money on clothing, drinks, dinner and movies when you are first getting to know someone. Online dating is a huge time and money saver.

6. Expectations are clearly expressed up front

Most online dating profiles have areas where people can express their expectations up front. For example, people can express whether or not they want to have children, how soon they want to have children, whether they want a serious relationship or casual fling and more. Having these expectations posted up front prevents needless wasted time (and possibly heartache).

7. Online dating actually works

Millions of people have reported finding quality long term relationships through online dating. One of the most popular online dating sites,, is responsible for 5% of all new marriages in the United States today. This is an incredible number and it comes from just a single online dating site.

8. You can pick and choose who you want to talk to

You can browse hundreds of profiles in a single day at an online dating site. This gives you the opportunity to be a little picky about who you want to talk to. A quick glance at someone’s profile can tell you a little basic information and help you decide whether or not you would like to talk to this person.

And also, let’s be honest: physical attraction is an important part of dating. With online dating sites, you can see what people look like before you decide to respond to them. If you don’t want to talk to someone, you are under no obligation to continue the conversation.

9. You can meet people you might not otherwise meet

Do you ever see someone who looks very physically appealing and wonder where the heck these people hide all day? Online dating gives you an opportunity to meet people who have interesting or busy lives – people you wouldn’t normally run into at a bar or club. It’s much easier to meet people online who don’t normally hang out all day in smoky bars.

10. Rejection isn’t such a big deal

Many people have a problem meeting potential dates in real life because they don’t handle rejection well. Online dating removes much of this problem because rejection doesn’t feel as personal online. On top of that, any potential rejections that happen online do not take place in front of the whole world to see. Everyone has to face rejection online, but it’s much easier to get used to than in-person rejection.

11. You can make rational decisions online

When you get to know someone in person, it is easy to ignore deal breakers and red flags if that person has a pretty face or you just feel bad rejecting other people. It is much easier to tell someone you’re not interested online than it is in person. Things such as religion, smoking, kids and relationship expectations can all be seen right up front with online dating before you have a chance to grow soft on that person.