Chat Rooms - Positives and Negatives

Chat rooms have been very popular for quite awhile now and they are only getting more popular as the days grow long. There are so many online chat rooms now that there are ones for just about everything. Anyone can log on their computer and find many of the chat rooms that cover just about all of their interests and hobbies. These chat rooms come in all shapes, sizes, and types. If you have found yourself wondering if chat rooms are good or bad, the answer is that they can be both, it all depends on the chat room, what you are looking to get out of it, and how you approach your chatting. Here are some of the good and bad things that the online chat rooms bring to those who chat in them:

Good Things about Online Chat Rooms

No matter what your interests are the chances are good that you can go online and find many chat rooms regarding that interest. This allows you to be able to chat with others that you have a lot in common with. Many people find that the chat rooms can lead to them building friendships or even relationships. When you join a chat room that focuses on certain hobbies or ways of life, you are pretty much guaranteeing that you are going to be communicating with others that enjoy some of the same things you do.

When you are in the chat rooms that revolve around your interests you will find that there will be a lot of people talking about the interest itself, but there will also be plenty of other conversations going on. Most of the chat rooms allow you to talk about anything, no matter what category the chat room falls under. This is good because it means you can talk to others about your interests, but you can change gears and get to know more about them on other levels if you feel like it.

Can be accessed at anytime

Another thing you will like about the online chat rooms is you can access them at any time. Sometimes you may feel like chatting but everyone you know that you normally chat with is not available. These are the times when you will appreciate going into an online chat room and having many people already in there chatting away.

Can lead to more

When you chat with others you may get to know some of the people and find chatting with them to give you a lot of enjoyment. You may want to offer someone an alternate way to communicate with you. This can include giving them your email address, inviting them to join one of your social networking sites, or you may give them other ways in order to reach you. These are many people who even met their partners in an online chat.

Very affordable

Most of the online chat rooms are free. However, there may be certain times when you will be required to pay a fee to access a chat room. One example of this would be if you were going to join a chat room on a site that requires a membership fee. In this case, you would need to become a paying member before you would have access to the chat rooms. A good example of this would be a dating site. Some of them have chat rooms, but you will first need to register for a membership before you can take advantage of the chat room. However, most times you will find that the fees involved are very reasonable.

Bad Things about Online Chat Rooms

Anytime you meet people online you need to be careful and make sure you do what you can to keep yourself protected. You never really know who is on the other side of the computer and some people have made a career out of lying to others online and they are very good at it. You want to make sure you never give out too much information about yourself and there are some things you should never tell anyone you met online until you get to know them in person. Do not give out your address, financial information or other details about yourself that someone could use against you.

Also, while someone may seem like a great person and you may think you know them well, try to save getting too involved with them until after you have met them in person. This way, you don’t get feelings for someone that don’t transfer over into real life. One of the biggest things you need to do with regards to being safe when chatting in online chat rooms is to always keep in mind that you must keep your guard up. As long as you chat in a way that keeps your private information safe, you can have a great time and you may even meet many friends, possibly even meet your perfect match. If you decide to meet someone off from an online chat room in person you need to put safety measures in place so you know you won’t find yourself in a dangerous situation.


Some of the chat rooms have a lot of bots and this can be very annoying. In fact, you should look for a room that is not plagued by these nuisances. Bots are programs that post in the chat room and try to get you to click on links that take you to other sites. Some of the online chat rooms are loaded full of bots and are very hard to chat in.


Chat rooms do have a lot of good things to offer you, but you need to make sure that you also understand you need to be careful and approach things in a smart manner. Chat rooms are fun and can lead to new friendships and great conversations. If you think you would enjoy a chat room then you will also be glad to know there are more than thousands out there for you to choose from, so you will find many that would be good matches for you.