Conquering Your Dating Fears

If you are getting back into the dating scene then you already know it can be intimidating. This is especially true if you have been out of the dating scene for awhile. If you are going to get the most out of the experience then the first thing that you should do is to get over any and all of your dating fears. By conquering your dating fears you will be able to get the most out of the dates you do go on and you will look forward to them much more.

When you don’t face your fears and do what you need to in order to conquer them, you won’t be able to move past them. This means that they can stand in the way of you meeting that special someone. Some people find that they don’t date at all because of their dating fears and this is truly a shame. Here are some of the things that you can do to put those fears in your past and move forward:

Recognize Your Fears

The truth is that you won’t be successful at conquering your dating fears until you recognize what they are and make a point of acknowledging them. This can be quite difficult for some people because pride tends to get in the way. Each person is different and this means the types of fears vary from person to person. If you need to, make a list and write down any of the fears you have. This will be the first step toward you putting them behind you.

You should make note of all of your fears regarding dating, no matter how silly some of them may seem to be. When you add them all together and take a good look at them, they may cause a real problem for you with regards to your making the most out of dating. Never think any fear isn’t worth facing and trying to put behind you, you just may be surprised at how big of a difference getting over that one fear can make.

Pick One or Two Fears to Work on First

You need to be sure that you don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Realize that your fears didn’t happen overnight and you aren’t going to be able to conquer them overnight. Also, you will find it much more realistic to work on one or two of them at a time if you are a person that has many fears. If you only have a couple to work on then you are lucky and you will be able to put them past you fairly quickly as long as you focus and do what you have to do.

More Common Dating Fears Many People Deal With

Fear of Rejection

One of the most common fears people have with regards to dating is a fear of rejection. It’s a scary thing to put yourself out there in a vulnerable position and this is what dating feels like for many people. If you have a fear of rejection then you can start to move past it by doing things that make you feel better about yourself. The better you feel, the less worried you will be about being rejected by others.

Fear of Intimacy

Another one of the more common fears that many people have about dating is that fear of intimacy. This fear can have many underlying issues and this can make it a bit more difficult to work past. You first want to try to get to the bottom of where this fear came from. It could be something in your past that has led to it and you may have to work on this fear for quite awhile, but each bit of progress you do make will help you tremendously.

Fear of Commitment

A fear of commitment is another big one that can stand in the way of you getting the sot out of dating. Some people find that they would really like to share their life with someone else. However, when it comes to committing to one person they clam up and have a hard time. If this sounds like you then you should spend some time soul searching and understanding what exactly it is you are scared of. Also, give some deep thought into what would be the worst thing that would happen by committing?

Trust Issues

Trust issues make up a huge amount of the dating fears many people suffer from. There are all kinds of trust issues and they can stem from many places. Some people have a problem with trusting people in general. Other people have a hard time when it comes to trusting the person they are dating. Trust is a very hard fear to conquer and it generally takes help from the person that you are dating and a bit of patience.

Fear of Ending up in a Bad Relationship

Another fear that a lot of people have is the fear of ending up in a bad relationship. If this is one of the fears you need to work on when it comes to conquering your dating fears then it can be a big one. However, it is definitely one that you can put behind you. One of the reasons many people have this fear is because they were in a bad relationship in the past and that relationship left a bad taste in their mouth.

The good news is that you have probably learned from that relationship and now you will know what red flags to look for. As long as you make sure to pay attention to the warnings and not fall into a pattern of dating the same type of people, then you should be able to move past this fear with some work.


Conquering your dating fears will take time and effort on your part. However, each fear you are able to work through will benefit you greatly. The changes that you make now regarding working on your issues will be changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life.