Is Courtship Still Important?

Online dating has become extremely popular and it has led to many people finding true love with partners they may have never met otherwise. In this way the online dating sites have become a blessing for many. However, they have also caused a bit of added confusion to the dating scene and seem to have changed some of the rules. When people meet online they can get to know a lot about each other and this leads to some people feeling as if they can jump right into a marriage with someone. Many couples take that immediate step into an instant engagement and become married shortly after.

You may be wondering with all the changes brought on by the variety of dating styles if courtship is still important. Many wonderful marriages have taken place quickly and the couple bypassed the whole courtship part of a relationship. However, for a lot of people courtship is still a very important part of building a successful relationship which will lead to a lifelong marriage. There are a lot of positive things that come from the process of courting someone.

For most people it is best to court someone for a good length of time before deciding on whether or not they should consider marriage. Courtship is the process of developing a relationship with another person with the intent of persuading them to follow through with marriage. Most women want to be courted and find that they like the fact that the man they are with is willing to put in the effort required to work toward a future marriage. A lot of men also like to court the woman they have fallen for and they find it makes them feel more like a gentleman.

What is courting and what purpose does it serve?

Courting is similar to dating, except it is a bit more serious. Courtship is the time in a couple’s relationship which occurs before they get engaged. If you are simply dating someone then you could be dating them with a number of intentions. You could be dating them to pass the time, because you want to pursue a sexual relationship with them, or even to see if they are a person you would like to consider a serious relationship with.

Courting takes things up a level and is much more serious than simply dating. This is the period in which a couple has decided they are serious about one another and they have intentions on becoming engaged and eventually being married. Courtship is generally practiced by those who are religious. In the technical form of courtship there is no sexual contact between the couple until marriage. However, through the years the term “courtship” has taken on different meanings.

Those who like the idea of following a more strict tradition in which a lot of emphasis is placed on mutual respect will more than likely like the idea of a courtship. Also, people who believe in finding the right person and following a religious path into marriage with that person will believe in courting them. To some people courtship is still important. However, there are also those who don’t really understand how a courtship works and would never see purpose in it.

Are those who “court” more likely to have a successful marriage?

Whether or not a couple is going to have a successful marriage depends on many different factors. There are some couples who jump into marriage right away and enjoy their whole lives together. Then, there are couples who court, become engaged, marry, and do everything they feel is right and they find themselves divorced. When it comes to having a lasting marriage it comes down to love, commitment, trust, honesty, determination, and many other factors. However, courting can help to build a good foundation which will help a couple to be on the right track.

The way you go about pursuing the person you wish to one day marry is a personal decision that will be up to the two of you. However, you want to do what you can to create a strong bond between the both of you that will lead to you having the ability to conquer anything life throws your way, as a couple. Some people feel that a traditional courtship helps give their relationship that extra strong bond. Others feel that dating will take them through that transition to marriage in a way which will meet the needs of their relationship. Sometimes people are raised in an environment which allows them to already know how they are going to handle their relationship. Others may decide to steer away from what they have been taught. The most important thing will be that the both of you are on the same page and work together as a couple.