Creating a Good Dating Profile

Every online dating site asks you to create a profile when you first sign up for an account. This profile gives you an opportunity to explain who you are, what you enjoy and what you are looking for. A good online dating profile is key to you having success dating online. Your profile serves as your first impression, and it is vital that you make a positive first impression.

Having said that, keep in mind that no matter how great your online dating profile may be, there will be people out there who just don’t like it. You will never create the perfect dating profile that instantly attracts every person who sees it. The important thing is that your profile be somewhat normal and capable of catching the reader’s interest.

Dating Profile Tips

The following tips will help you create a good dating profile. You might have to tweak your profile a few times to get it just right, but these tips will point you in the right direction.

1. Take the following advice with a grain of salt

The following dating profile tips are not hard and fast rules. These are all merely suggestions that should be used to help you get to thinking. Your dating profile is important, but you don’t need to spend a month chained to your desk to get everything exactly perfect. As long as you don’t freak people out with your profile, you should be ok.

2. Get the Pictures Right

Pictures are an absolute must for online dating. If you don’t post pictures on your dating profile, you might as well not even have a dating profile. When you do post pictures, try to put yourself in the shoes of other people browsing your profile. What do you think they want to see? Here are a few hints:

3. Use the “About Me” Section

Every profile has some sort of “about me” section where you can write a few paragraphs about yourself. I’m going to tell you right now that this is the most difficult part of creating your online dating profile. If you can nail the “about me” section, the rest of your profile is easy.

First of all, take a light-hearted approach to describing yourself. A little humor goes a long ways, but you do not have to be a complete comedian. Tell people a little bit about who you are, what you like to do and what you look for in members of the opposite sex. Note – do not get all intense when describing what you want in members of the opposite sex. Keep it short and sweet.

Your goal in the “about me” section should be to present yourself in the most positive light possible without bragging. This is difficult to do, but if you keep your profile light-hearted and fun, you can pull it off. For example, a slightly humorous profile shows that you have a sense of humor without you having to actually write “I have a great sense of humor.”

If you’re drawing a complete blank on this part, try browsing the profiles of a few people of the same sex. Look at what other people do, see what you like and go from there. It might take a little tweaking to get your profile just right, but you can do it. Keep it simple, fun and unique.

4. Avoid Profile Clichés

There are a few profile clichés that you should try to avoid. It seems like every other profile claims that they love their family and wouldn’t know what to do without their friends. Also, avoid the whole “willing to lie about where we met” line. That one has been making its rounds around the internet for years.

The purpose of your “about me” section is to actually give people an idea about what you are like as an individual. If you use all the same old clichés that everyone else uses, it doesn’t really paint you as an individual. Here are a few clichés that are good to avoid:

5. Avoid a long list of demands or dislikes

I don’t see this one as often as other profile mistakes, but it’s out there. If you’re a guy and you make a long list of demands or you have a very detailed dream of your perfect relationship, it makes you sound way too controlling. You can state what you enjoy and what you prefer, but keep it short, succinct and general.

If you’re a female and you post a long list of demands or dislikes, you risk sounding like an unpleasant person. We all have our pet peeves and annoyances, but don’t list every single pet peeve on your first impression profile. Remember, you want to paint yourself in a positive light.

6. Be Honest

Honesty is important in online dating for a couple of reasons. First of all, honesty is important in any relationship. If it comes out later that you lied about yourself in the early stages, any sort of relationship you had going on will be damaged and possibly ruined.

Honesty takes on added importance in online dating because people are already a little skittish about meeting people online. There are enough horror stories out there that even the slightest indication of dishonesty is enough to send most people running.

However, it is possible to be too honest. You do not need to mention personal things on your profile such as the DUI you got last year, the size of your manhood, etc. Do not lie, but also do not volunteer too much personal information. People don’t want to read most of that stuff.


The only difficult part in creating a good online dating profile is the “about me” section. If you can navigate your way through that part of your profile, the rest is easy. All you need are a couple of decent pictures and you will be good to go. Have fun with your dating profile, put a little thought into it and be willing to change it up if you’re not getting the responses you were hoping for.