Dating a Close Friend

If you have found yourself developing romantic feelings for a close friend then you may have reservations. Generally, people try to stop themselves from becoming involved with someone who is already a close friend because they have a fear of ruining the friendship if things go wrong. However, the truth is that your friendship changed the moment you started having romantic feelings for them, and it will never again be the same. Instead of running from the chance to date a close friend you should embrace it. There are many, many benefits that can come from a relationship with someone you were close friends with first. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by dating a close friend:

True Knowledge of Who they Really Are

One of the big benefits of dating a close friend is you already know who they really are. When you begin dating someone new they will show you what they want and it will take some time for you to see who they really are. A lot of times people hide things about themselves that are undesirable and you won’t learn of these traits until later on down the road. However, when you date someone who is already a close friend you will already know these things about them. This allows you to know going in to things on whether or not the two of you are compatible in many areas.

When you start dating someone you never really know how they are in a relationship. You may find that they are a great partner or you can find out later down the road that they are a player or a cheat. However, when you date a person who started out being a close friend you will have a huge advantage because you will already have knowledge of how they are when they are in a relationship. This gives you the ability to go into your new relationship with them knowing what it is that you can expect rather than not knowing what you are up against.

There is Already a Bond

When you begin dating a close friend the two of you will already have a close bond. There will already be feelings between the two of you and you will already have each other’s best interest at heart. If you are a close friend with a person first then the two of you obviously know each other and like what you see already. You may have already formed a solid foundation of communications and trust. This can make for a very easy transition into a relationship. The two of you already know each other’s negatives and have found those things not to be a problem for you.

You generally make friends with those you have things in common with. So, it’s safe to say that when you start to date a close friend you can rest assured that you share a lot of common interests with them. The two of you can jump right to enjoying those interests rather than trying to figure out what you have in common which is what happens when you first start dating someone you don’t really know. This is one of the things that help to make it so exciting to date a close friend.


You and your friend hopefully have a lot of respect for one another and mutual respect is one of the most important things in a relationship. This means that the two of you will already have a solid foundation on which you can build something beautiful on. The important thing for you to remember when you take things to a romantic level is to remember to always respect them and never take them for granted.

No Awkwardness

When you begin dating someone new there will be an awkward period where the two of you may not really know where you stand. It can take time to get to know someone on a more personal level where the two of you begin to feel more comfortable and less self conscious around each other. However, when you date a close friend you get the privilege of skipping over this awkward stage and jumping right to all of the good stuff.

There’s something to be said about being able to snuggle up to someone you are dating and have already been a close friend to. There’s an extra level of comfort and security that comes with knowing them on both sides of the fence. While we all aspire to have a friendship and romantic relationship with the person we are involved with the truth is that not all of us actually achieve this.


Dating a close friend can lead to an amazing relationship that may very well be ne which will last a life time. However, since you already know your friend you need to understand that you shouldn’t go into the relationship thinking you are going to change things about them. If there are things about them that you don’t like then you need to go into it willing to accept them the way they are. However, if you and your friend prove to be a good match then you may have just found that happily ever after partner you have been dreaming of.