Do Opposites Really Attract?

Whether or not opposites attract is a question that people have been asking for ages. There are people on both sides when it comes to whether or not opposites really do attract and each side makes valid points. Some people feel that things are more exciting when you put similar people together. They think it adds more spark to the relationship. Then, there are others who feel that a relationship cannot succeed unless two people are similar because there will be too much conflict otherwise.

What a lot of people are missing is that this really depends on what you are looking for in a relationship, how you are with regards to compromises and flexibility, and what you are looking for in a partner and a relationship. The main important thing for you to do to help answer the question for yourself is to go through the pros and cons; see which option fits you the most. Here are some things to consider when you want to know if opposites attract with regards to you personally:

A Relationships Role

One of the main things you want to realize with regards to a relationship is what role it plays in your life. Whether or not you would be compatible with your opposite you need to know that any other person will not complete you. Being involved in a relationship means sharing your life with another person that you have found to be the right match for you. However, true happiness comes from within yourself, not from your partner.

If you are a person who likes excitement and adventure then you may find that you will be attracted to your opposite. When you are involved with someone who is your opposite you will find that you will get to experience a lot of things you aren’t familiar with. Being with your opposite will definitely keep you on your toes and you will learn a lot of new things. They may show you a side of life that you haven’t really been exposed to before and if you truly love adventure then you may find a relationship with them to be a great experience.


If you are a person who doesn’t like a lot of changes and you are more of a creature of habit, then you may find that being with a person who is your opposite may be too stressful on you. Your partner will have different views than you and they will have different interests. If you aren’t interested in learning opposing points of views, are very set in your ways, and/or aren’t interested in experiencing new things then you may want to steer away from becoming involved with someone who is your opposite. You will more than likely find that it is too much work and will leave you frustrated and create a lot of problems within your relationship.

Life Lessons

Throughout your lifetime you will have learned lessons through your own experiences and through everyone who has come into your life. Being in a relationship with an opposite personality type is another opportunity you will have to learn even more lessons from someone that may have many different views from you, your family, and even the friends you have had throughout your lifetime. The more lessons you are able to learn, the more choices and options you will have in many areas of your life. While you will still learn many lessons from a person who is not quite your opposite, being with an opposite will definitely bring even more.

Difficulties Down the Road

You want to make sure you have given plenty of thought to whether or not you are willing to take everything that comes with being with your opposite. Realize that it will be exciting and fun in the beginning. However, as time goes by this will be the person you have chosen to be in a relationship with for the long haul. You need to know that you are prepared to deal with and accept the differences between the two of you.

If you are able to enjoy them, compromise when needed, and accept them, then you will have no problems. However, consider those differences and imagine what it would be like to have those differences still be between the two of you in the years to come. If you can see many of the differences becoming too irritating in the future, or things that you want to change in the person then you may want to reconsider getting into a serious relationship with them.

Great Things Down the Road

If you happen to be a person that loves to enjoy the differences between you and others, then your opposite may be your perfect match. The two of you could end up really complimenting one another. This can lead to you having a well rounded relationship that you couldn’t be happier in. Many people have found that they found the perfect match for them by getting in a relationship with their opposite and this may be your experience as well.


When it comes down to it, opposites really can attract and have a great life together. However, when you are choosing the right partner for you it will take finding an opposite that works for you. Make sure they are not too opposite you and be sure the two of you feel the same in the most important areas. Some of these areas include religion, agreements over whether or not to have children, the raising of children, life’s goals, etc. Take things slow and give yourself to digest everything that comes with being with the person you are dating for the long run. Be open to the relationship, but also be careful and be honest with yourself about the differences the two of you do have between you.