Is Dating Online Embarrassing

People who are new to the idea of online dating often ask if online dating is embarrassing. The simple answer to that question is an emphatic “no.” Online dating is no longer limited to lonely people who can’t find dates in person (if it ever was). People today already spend hours on their favorite social media sites and getting things done online.

What Other People Think

The general population today is used to the internet. It’s everywhere we go now days: at home, in our pockets and even in advertisements. Plus, online dating is becoming increasingly accepted because society is aware that we are all becoming disconnected from one another. Between busy work schedules, school and financial pressure, the majority of single people find it challenging to meet other singles.

Besides, people know that “online dating” is simply a way to meet other singles. The term “online dating” does not refer to people who start relationships online while playing World of Warcraft and then get married without ever having met. Online dating is simply a tool that people use to meet other singles and go on real-life dates.

In summary, there’s no need to worry about what other people think. Believe me, the vast majority of the population wants to find someone to be happy with and they are all willing to do what it takes to meet that person. Anyone who is willing to talk down on someone else for dating online is out of touch with reality.

Self Confidence

There’s no reason to be embarrassed of anything you do. If you have a little confidence in yourself, you can get away with a lot of things that other people would consider embarrassing. By not being ashamed of yourself, you naturally give other people permission to not be ashamed of themselves either. So if you want to find dates on the internet, then go for it.

Remember that you have a lot to offer other people. If you choose to use the internet as your initial dating medium, that’s perfectly fine. The internet is convenient, cheap and saves a lot of time. It’s a great place to meet people – especially if you’re sick of the bar scene.

Who Needs to Know?

If you’re worried about what other people think, there’s no need to go around telling the whole world that you date online. You can use any username in the world and you don’t even have to upload photos if you don’t want to (although it is highly recommended that you do). Online dating can be kept low-profile.

The only people who will see you dating online are people who also date online. There’s definitely nothing to be embarrassed about when meeting people of the other sex online. Every single person you talk to online has also taken the plunge to try online dating.


Online dating is not embarrassing in the least. Most people in the world are willing to try whatever it takes to find that perfect match. Besides, online dating has been proven to be highly effective at helping singles meet their matches. If you still feel embarrassed about online dating, remember that you are under no obligation to mention it to your friends.