How to Create a Good Profile Picture

A good profile picture is probably the single most important part of creating a dating profile that gets responses. It may be true that it’s the inside that counts, but your picture provides a first impression to potential matches. After all, there has to be at least some physical attraction for relationships to work out, so a picture is a must-have.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to create a good profile picture. If you use the following tips, you’ll have a great dating profile picture. The only thing you have to do after you have a good profile picture is write the rest of the profile and start talking to potential matches.

Profile Picture DO’s:

1. Post more than one picture on your profile

Put a couple of pictures on your profile and let people get a good idea of what you really look like. One picture doesn’t necessarily show what you look like in person. More than one profile picture also feels more inviting to people reading your profile.

2. Use pictures with decent resolution

Your profile pictures don’t have to fill up the entire screen, but it does help if they are more than just little grainy thumbnails. Tiny profile pictures are just as useful as no profile pictures at all. High quality profile pictures make it much easier for people to see what you look like.

3. Show off some skin in a classy way

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin if you have the body to back it up. But, you should try to find ways to do this in a classy manner. Don’t just take off your shirt, hold the camera away from your body and snap a photo. Try to find pictures of you at the lake, beach or other places where you have a legitimate reason to be showing a little skin.

4. Show off your interests in your photo

A profile photo that shows you in a unique setting or unusual circumstances is a great way to generate interest and give people an opening line for their first message to you. Pictures of you on top of a mountain, under the sea, holding a guitar or anything else that shows you in a positive light are awesome.

You don’t have to be the most interesting person in the world, but it does help to have one photo that is unique in some way. This photo doesn’t even have to show your face. If you’re standing on top of a mountain and looking off into the distance, oblivious to the camera, that’s perfectly fine.

5. Educate yourself on the myths of dating profile pictures did an awesome study on the effect that different types of profile pictures had on responses at dating sites. The study ended up surprising a lot of people with its results. For example, the infamous “MySpace angle” shot ended up being one of the best attention-getters for female profiles. You can see the whole study right here...

Profile Picture DON’T’s:

1. Do not post pictures in which you are not even in the picture.

Don’t post pictures of your favorite actor, the cover of your favorite CD and so on. If you’re a photographer and have a picture you are particularly proud of, that’s OK to post as long as you have other pictures of yourself up there. If you absolutely must post a picture without you in it, keep it to one picture.

2. Do not post pictures with disembodied arms.

Pictures in which you have obviously cut someone out are usually bad pictures to post. These pictures suggest you have cut an ex out of the picture but have not yet had enough time to find new pictures without your ex. Nobody wants to be a rebound.

3. Do not post pictures of you drinking.

We all take party pictures, but party pictures on your dating profile indicate that you couldn’t find any other pictures that don’t involve alcohol. At the very maximum, only include one picture of you with a drink in your hand. Any more than that and you’re going to look like the barfly that nobody wants to date.

4. Do not post misleading or outdated photos

No matter how insecure you may be about your most recent photos, it is terrible etiquette to post misleading or outdated photos. This is dishonest and it will make people upset when you show up to your first date looking completely different. Be proud of who you are and let other people come to know the true you.