Rules and Guidelines of Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, we here at believe there are certain rules and guidelines that should be kept in mind. These rules aren’t necessarily hard and fast, but they usually hold true. For the most successful online dating experience possible, take note of these rules and guidelines.

1. Withhold private information such as your phone number and address

The odds are good that you’ll talk to quite a few people on the internet before you exit the dating game completely. With that in mind, it is a good idea to keep a tight lid on your phone number and address when talking to people online. Only reveal this information when you are ready to talk to someone over the phone or when you are ready for that person to visit your home.

This advice applies more to women than men, but both sexes should take note. If you go around giving out private information, it will catch up to you eventually. Just wait until you are comfortable with the other person – especially with your home address.

2. Post a complete profile and multiple pictures

A full profile with pictures is necessary if you want to get any responses at all. Online dating is difficult enough as it is without having to wonder what the other person even looks like. A picture is absolutely necessary or else you won’t get any responses at all. No picture tells people that you are either inactive, not that serious or have something to hide. There are just too many what-ifs when there is no picture.

A full profile is also important. You need to fill out as much information as you can, including the dreaded blank “about me” section. You will have a hard time getting people to talk to you if you don’t have any of your own words up there. People want to know what kind of person you are, how you speak and what makes you unique.

3. Be honest in both your words and pictures

One of the most important online dating rules of all is honesty. People already have enough trouble trusting each other as it is. The internet does not help things at all because of its anonymous nature. If you lie during the initial courtship stages, you will eventually get caught. This will not only ruin any potential relationship, but it makes online dating more difficult for all of us honest people out there by eroding faith in the system.

Recent, realistic pictures are equally important. Don’t put pictures of yourself from 10 years ago or from when you were 40 pounds lighter. You need to be honest with your pictures because common courtesy dictates it. Plus, if you show up at a date looking completely different than your picture, it shows that you cannot be trusted. Finally, you want to attract people to the real you, not to some other you. You do not benefit at all by using fake or outdated profile pictures.

4. Learn when enough is enough

If you send an e-mail to someone and don’t get a reply, just move on to the next person. One of the biggest turnoffs in online dating is someone who doesn’t get a hint. It can also be creepy if you come across too strong. Send an e-mail and then move on. The other person is either not interested or no longer active on the dating site. Don’t take it personally.

5. Don’t get too personal online

Internet dating is great for meeting new people and casual chit-chat, but keep it light hearted. You are not trying to develop a relationship online; you are only here to meet people and get new dates. Do not ask people about their sexual interests, the size of certain body parts and so on. If the conversation naturally goes that direction, fine. If not, don’t worry about those things. There is plenty of time for dirty talk later.