How to Spot Online Dating Scams

More and more people are turning to the Internet for love each day. If you have decided to go on the Internet to find the perfect match for you then you want to have an understanding of online dating scams right away. You need to become educated on the subject so you don’t find yourself becoming a victim of one of these scammers. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can find yourself becoming targeted by a scammer. The best way you can protect yourself is to learn all about what it is you should be looking for. Here is information that will help you protect yourself and have a pleasurable experience with regards to online dating:

Note Problems with Them Responding to You

Generally, people will send a response to someone they feel would be compatible with them. If you received a response from someone then have a look at their profile. There should be some reasons you can see on why they would feel they are a good match for you. Take a look at their age and see if they are even near to your age range. While this may not mean they are definitely a scammer, it will be something worth taking into consideration. If they have nothing in common with you and don’t meet any of the criteria you specifically mentioned in your profile, then this is another warning sign you want to be sure you recognize and take into account.

Look at their profile and pay attention to every detail, it can tell you a lot about their intentions and whether or not they may be an online dating scammer. Some areas to pay particularly close attention to would be their employment, their marital status, the region they live in, etc. If they claim to be working an excellent job overseas then this may very well be a huge indicator that there is something fishy. Also, claiming to be a widow with children, being out of the country for some reason but claiming they live near you, or there are other facts in the profile that seem too good to be true or that try to work on your sympathies.

Pay Attention to Emails and Phone Calls

Most of the online dating scammers slip up quite a bit in their emails and help make it easier on you when it comes to figuring things out. You will more than likely find a lot of discrepancies in the email. Many times you will notice that they have even spelled their own name wrong. The email will probably include a lot of misspellings; often times these misspellings will include common words. The email may repeat itself and you might even find it to barely make sense. The email will suggest that the person would like to change the mode of contact to phone or texting.

When the conversation goes to the phone you should pay attention to whether or not they have an accent. You also want to listen for awkward phrases that most people wouldn’t really use. You also want to pay attention to the conversation and see if it feels wrong or if it is taken to odd areas. When you are talking on the phone to the person you want to remember what they say and compare those things to future phone calls in order to see if their stories are consistent. However, do keep in mind that this won’t always help you because many times they will be well versed on their stories.

Moving Too Fast

If the person is moving faster than normal and really trying to force a relationship or commitment on you then you should be very, very careful. It is very common for the online dating scammers to confess their love and serious interest in you in just a matter of weeks. They will tell you they have fallen in love with you and they are sure that you are the right one for them. It will be very important for them to convince you that their feelings for you are real, so they will really lay it on thick.

Here it Comes…

Right when the person feels as if they have convinced` you they have real feelings for you and you are hooked, they will set their true plan in motion and try to reel you in. They will try to convince you that they are ready to return home and are looking forward to begin a relationship with you in person. However, they will have some financial troubles which have come up and they will ask you for help with money. These excuses come in all shapes and sizes with some of them being more believable than others.

If you try to tell them that you can’t or won’t send them money then they will try to work you even harder. They will say things like, “don’t you trust me?”, “How can we be in a serious relationship if we don’t trust each other?”, or “This is the only way I can get home to begin our life together”. Be sure not to send them money and cut off all contact with them. Also, be glad that you learned of their deception before you sent them any money and found yourself a true financial victim of their scam.

Tips to Follow

Here are some tips you should always be sure to follow that will help you protect yourself:


Always be careful and do all that you can to protect yourself. You should be careful of everyone you communicate with online and be on the lookout for things that appear to be off. Jumping ahead of yourself with regards to becoming involved with someone won’t get you any further ahead. In fact, it may set you back and lead you to becoming a victim.