Signs a Woman Wants to be Approached

While it may seem like a woman is a very mysterious creature that is very hard to read, the truth is that they aren’t as difficult to read as some may think. You do have to know what to look for and learn how to pay attention to body language and other cues that you may have been oblivious to up until now. A woman has ways of letting a man know that she is approachable. Some of these clues she may throw out there on purpose.

However, there will be others that even she may be unaware of. Once you learn about the signs that a woman wants to be approached you will feel as if a whole new dating world has opened up to you. You may feel as if the world is now your own personal dating playground. Here are some of the more common signs that a woman wants to be approached:

Eye Contact

The first thing you want to know is simple eye contact does not mean the woman wants you to come and talk to her. You have to pay attention to the type of eye contact. For example, if you walk in a room and make instant eye contact with a woman and then she quickly looks away then this would not be a sign that she wants to be approached.

However, if the woman makes eye contact with you and doesn’t look away right away and gives a friendly look, such as a smirk or a welcoming nod of the head, then she is approachable. Also, if a woman makes eye contact, looks away, and makes eye contact again then this is also a sign that she is interested.

Body Language

Body language is very important when it comes to being able to tell when a woman wants to be approached. Once you become familiar with some of the clues that a woman wants to be approached you will see that you can do a lot more dating and you will feel more confident approaching women in public. A good thing to watch is a woman’s hands. If she plays with her hair, jewelry, or other objects as she sees you looking toward her then this would be a good sign.

A bad sign would be if she crosses her arms in front of her, or pulls a large object directly in front of her, such as her purse or a drink. The action of crossing her arms or putting a somewhat large object in front of her is actually a barrier. It lets you know that she is not interested at all.

You should also pay attention to the way that she is sitting and which way she shifts her body when she notices you. You want her to give a friendly tilt of her head and maybe make a gesture to move the hair out of her face or rub her arm with her hand. Basically, you want to see her moving her body in a manner which puts her at an easier for you to access angle. Gestures such as these show you that she feels good with the idea of being approached. What you don’t want to see is her to shift her body in a manner that shows you more of her back or the back of her shoulder. Also, if the adjusts her hair in a way that covers more of her face then this is a sign to stay away.

Verbal Cues

When you start up a conversation with a woman there will be verbal cues that will also help you to determine whether or not she is glad to have you approach her. One of the obvious cues that a woman wants to be approached by you is if the giggles and appears happy when you talk to her. Women are taught to laugh at a man’s jokes if they are interested, even if the joke is not funny. This is one of the more obvious cues which are a hard one to miss. There are also more subtle ones that you want to watch for.

If a woman is interested n you then she will participate actively in the conversation by responding to your questions and asking you questions back. If a woman is not interested then her responses to you will be short and abrupt. A woman that is glad that you approached her will try to learn as much about you as you are trying to learn about her.

Once you learn the signs that a woman wants to be approached you will feel a lot better about playing the field. You won’t find yourself feeling so anxious about approaching a woman that you think looks like someone that you would be interested in.