Dating as a Single Parent

Dating can be confusing anyway, but dating as a single parent comes with its own set of hurdles and concerns. If you are a single parent who has found yourself entering the world of dating, there are some things that will be especially important for you to keep in mind if you want to see great results and make sure that you are approaching things in the best manner possible for yourself, your children, and the person that you will be dating. Here are some tips that you want to be sure you keep in mind when you begin dating as a single parent:

Have Realistic Expectations

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have realistic expectations. Especially as a dating single parent, you need to know that you aren’t expecting too much or putting yourself out there in a way that will set you up for failure. As a parent you want to be sure that you take things very slow. No matter how you used to go about dating in the past, things are different once you have children. You have more responsibilities and other things to think about. You aren’t a single person anymore who can date one person after the other and make innocent mistake after innocent mistake. When you are a parent the mistakes that you make can have bigger repercussions and you can’t afford to take the chances that you once used to be able to take without worrying so much about the outcome of those chances.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with regards to a new relationship is to try to force the person you are dating into a parental role. When you set out to date you want t first get to know someone that you are compatible with, while keeping in mind that they need to be a person who would be good for your child as well. However, you don’t set out to find a parent for your child first. Once you get seriously involved with a person then a relationship between them and your child should happen at a slow and natural pace. You should never try to force a relationship between the person you are dating and your children too fast.

Be Careful and Take things Slow

When you are dating as a single parent you want to take the time to get to know someone very well before you think about allowing them to meet your children. There are some things that you need to be sure of before you decide to bring the person into your children’s lives. The first thing you want to know is that there is nothing wrong with the person. You should know them well enough to see that they are mentally stable and don’t have bad habits that you wouldn’t want around your kids.

You also want to make sure that this person will more than likely be around for awhile before introducing them to your kids. Just imagine if you ended up dating quite a few people over the course of a few months and you introduced all of those people you went on casual dates with to your kids; this could become very confusing for your children.

While you should always try to take the time to get to really know someone before you move to the next level, when you are dating as a single parent this is even more important. When you become seriously involved with a person as a parent, you are bringing them into the lives of your children and inviting them to bond with the person as well. This means that if things don’t go the way that you had hoped, not only is your heart and feelings on the line, but so are your kids. This is why you really need to make sure that you think things through a lot more carefully when you are a parent who is entering the dating scene.

Consider the Feelings of all involved

When you are dating as a single parent you will have more people to think about with regards to their feelings than those who don’t have children. You need to worry about your own feelings, the feelings of the person you are dating, and most importantly, the feelings of your children. Sometimes dating when you have kids can seem like a real juggling act.

You need to make sure that you are doing all that you can to make all of the parties involved feel important and as if they are getting enough of your attention. Your kids will need to be assured that no one will ever get in the way of your relationship with them. Plus, the person you are dating will need to be assured that you are going to make a place in your life for them and that you still have plenty of time for them as well.

Some Things to Think About

While it may seem as if it’s too much to even date as a single parent, the truth is that it comes with many perks, benefits, and rewards. You may end up dating someone who will become your perfect match and who will bring wonderful things into the lives of yourself and your children. When you meet that one person that brings great things into the lives of your children and yourself you will find that all of the extra work that went into dating as a single parent was all worth it.

Instead of being intimidated of the thought of dating, embrace it while making sure that you keep a level head and think things through. As long as you are patient and don’t jump into anything too quick, you will have a fantastic time and hopefully someone wonderful will come into the lives of your children and yourself who will make you all smile and enjoy each day a little bit more.