Tips on Speed Dating

Speed dating is an excellent way for you to be introduced to a good number of people in a very short amount of time. In this short period of time you will get to know just some basic things about them and see them for a few moments. Then, you will use the information you learned about them in order to come to a decision on who you would like to get to know better and possibly go on a date with.

When you go to a speed dating event you will do much better if you are prepared and go into the event with a plan of action. You don’t want to just show up and figure that whatever happened will happen. Instead, put a little thought into things and do what you can on your part to make the most out of the experience. Here are some tips on speed dating that will help you out:

Tip #1 – Be Prepared

The first thing you need to realize about speed dating is that you only have a few minutes in order to learn as much as you can about a person in order to determine on whether or not they are worth getting to know more. You really don’t have time to mess around. Those few minutes you have with a person should be spent getting down to business and touching base on some important things that will help you decide on whether or not that person is one you should think about pursuing more.

Make a list of questions that are important to you and go over it a few times. This way, the questions will stick in your mind and this will help you get through the speed dates without being at a loss for words. Also, you should also think about many of the commonly asked questions and be sure you have good answers prepared for them. This way, you won’t get caught off guard.

Tip #2 – Try to Keep things Upbeat

When you are involved in speed dating you will find that there are some people that will make minutes feel like hours and there will be other people that will make minutes feel like seconds. You want to be one of those people that others feel they didn’t have enough time with and they wish they had longer to enjoy your company. The best way for you to do this is to keep things upbeat. Bring a great attitude and plenty of personality to the table with you and leave them wanting more. Keep the topics positive, never complain or speak negatively about anything on a speed date.

Tip #3 – Be Confident

There’s something about a confident person that is just so attractive. Even if you aren’t a very confident person you want to act as if you are. The more you act like you are confident, the more you will start to feel it and begin to feel better and better about yourself in general. So, go into that speed dating event with your head held high and act as if you own it. The more you project a feeling of confidence the more that you will actually begin to believe it.

Tip #4 – Dress to Impress

Speed dating is quick and there isn’t too much time for much of anything. You need to be sure you do all that you can to make a good impression as soon as possible. You want to use all of the tools and resources that you have available to you. One of the easiest things that you can do in order to make a good impression is to make sure you wear a nice outfit and be sure your hair looks great, etc. Along with just a few minutes of conversation, looks is one of the few things the others at the speed dating event have to go on, so make your clothes work for you.

Tip #5 – No Time for Silence

You won’t have very long for you and the person you are talking with to get to know each other. One of the biggest things that you want to do is make sure you don’t have silence. If you find that the two of you are just looking at each other and having an awkward silent moment then fall back to generic questions or something However, if you find yourself meeting someone where conversation seems impossible and as if it is going to be a lot of work then this is a very good indication that the two of you are not a good match for one another.

Tip #6 – Portray Yourself Correctly

The ultimate goal will be for you to find someone that you are compatible with. This is why you want to make sure that portray yourself correctly. You shouldn’t exaggerate or make things up simply to get someone’s attention. In the end, all this will do is make someone think the two of you may have some things in common when in reality it was all an act on your part.


When you are involved in speed dating events you will have a lot of fun. It’s very exciting to meet new people and even more exciting when you are able to meet many of them at the same time. If you are lucky, then you may even meet some that you would like to get to know more. You may even find that you meet that one person who proves to be your perfect match.

Speed dating is something you should consider if you are tired of the dating scene and you are serious about meeting that one person and settling down. Speed dating allows you to meet many people at once where normally it would take you awhile to meet that many single people. Plus, you get the chance to communicate with them all. If you have been thinking about trying speed dating you should, it’s a lot of fun and can lead you right to your match!