Warning Signs of a Bad Match

When you start seeing someone new you don’t want to get too ahead of yourself. Some people have a very hard time taking things slow. They want to jump into a relationship before they really know the other person. Be careful not to do this so you don’t find yourself in a position you will regret. No matter how fast or slow you tend to take new relationships it is always important for you to be sure you look for the warning signs of a bad match. Some of the warning signs are quite obvious, but others are more subtle and not as easy to spot. Here are some warning signs of a bad match you want to watch out for:


While you may be able to brush off one person who has something bad about the person you are dating, you still want to keep that information in the back of your mind so you will recognize a certain behavior before it becomes very obvious. Also, you should really consider it a warning sign if more people come up with negative things about them. A person’s reputation with those that know them can tell you a lot about the type of person they are.

Once you get to know someone things about their history will come out. It is very important for you to pay attention to these details. Take note of the things you learn and consider the facts. If you learn of things that show the person may not have the best morals or they have done some things that are worrisome in their past then take those things as a warning sign.

Just a few of the major warning signs would be if they hit their partners in the past, cheated, have a criminal record, have been married several times, have had a lot of problems getting along with their family, etc. Sometimes what people say about history repeating itself is true. If there are big character flaws which can be seen in a person’s past then there is a very good chance that those flaws will still be an issue.

Personality Flaws

Sometimes you will want to overlook little things about a person’s personality and chalk them up to a misunderstanding. However, you want to be careful when you do this because it can lead to you ignoring stuff you really shouldn’t. If a person is showing you character flaws in the beginning it may be a small glimpse of what’s to come in the future. Be sure you think about what they are showing you with regards to their personality and make sure you can see yourself being happy with them.


One of the big warning signs that you want to make sure you look for are inconsistencies in a person’s stories. This is why it’s very important to remember what the person you are dating says. This way, you will catch changes in their stories along the way. Inconsistencies should be taken as a big warning sign that they have a problem telling the truth and may be trying to hide stuff from you.

It’s always a bad idea to become involved with someone who has anger issues. If you notice the person you are dating is showing signs of having a bad temper then you need to realize that it generally only gets worse the more you get to know them. A bad temper can lead to a lot of problems and this includes the possibility of you being in a dangerous situation. Never dismiss someone’s temper and understand going in that if they have a bad temper already they can be expected to have an even worse temper down the road.


You should take a good look at the company the person you are dating keeps. Generally, people hang out with people that are like them. If their friends live a lifestyle that you aren’t pleased with then this can be a warning sign that you will more than likely not be pleased with the lifestyle they have either. You want to know that the person you end up with has friends that you can see yourself liking. If the two of you are to be a couple then their friends should become your friends too. This can only happen if you have something in common with them and if you live relatively similar lifestyles.


You should do all you can in order to make sure that you stay away from a relationship that will be negative. It really is a lot better to be alone than to be in a bad relationship. Be honest to yourself when you see those warning signs. You may not want to see them, but it’s better to do what’s best for yourself, even if it goes against what you want at that time. In the long run you will find someone that will be good for you and bring positive things to a relationship. You should hold out for this and not become wrapped up in a negative relationship that will more than likely not last anyway. While you are wasting time with the wrong person you may miss out on something great.