eHarmonyOnline eHarmony Review

eHarmony was started in 2000 as one of the first dating sites to take a scientific approach to matching singles online. With a patented process developed by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, uses 29 dimensions of compatibility to help people meet others with whom they are more likely to click. Rather than leaving dating up to chance, decided to make it a process.

According to the statistics, the eHarmony process works wonderfully well. According to latest figures, nearly 5% of all marriages in the United States are a direct result of In total, roughly 271 marriages per day take place between eHarmony members. This is the behemoth of online dating and the member base only grows larger every day.

How It Works

When you join eHarmony, you will be asked to take a questionnaire that is designed to not only gauge your personality and lifestyle, but to dig down and truly discover who you are at the core. The test takes a good 40 minutes but it’s not so bad because many of the questions are interesting and even off the wall.

The test is designed to help you find people who are truly compatible with you at heart. This involves more than just finding people who have a couple of similar interests. The goal is to help you find people based on your approach to solving relationship problems, your emotional temperament, your level of comfort in social settings and so on.

At the same time, eHarmony also attempts to match you based on things you find physically attractive in potential partners. This includes basic facial features, level of activity and other key identifiers that can be used to gauge how likely two people are to be attracted to one another. This system is very in-depth but it is not overbearing or “fake” feeling.

After you finish the personality test, matches are then delivered to your main account page. You can browse through these matches and initiate contact using tools that are designed to break the ice. The Guided Communications option, for example, allows you to choose five multiple choice questions to ask potential matches. Some of these questions may even seem a bit direct, but eHarmony takes the approach that it’s better to truly get to know people early rather than later. Pros and Cons

Online Dating at eHarmonyFirst of all, we find the matching process at eHarmony to be the best in the industry. With statistics such as 271 marriages per day backing it up, has already proven itself to be an effective dating site. The questionnaire may feel a bit long and overly personal, but it definitely does what it’s supposed to do.

Secondly, we like the massive member base at This is a far cry from those other dating sites that return the same singles search after search. The huge user base at eHarmony makes it much more likely that you’ll find compatible matches.

One disadvantage to eHarmony is that it limits your browsing ability to people who have been matched to you. eHarmony members cannot just browse every single in their local area. Every match you see has been chosen based on potential compatibility. You won’t have any lack of matches, but you still won’t get a chance to just browse the singles market.

The only other disadvantage of is that it’s a bit more expensive than most other dating sites. However, we feel that they have justified the price with real world results. There are no other online dating sites out there that can compete with the results that eHarmony has already displayed.

eHarmony Membership Options

eHarmony offers several membership options that are priced according to length of membership. The longer you join, the less you pay per month. These are the standard subscriptions offered at eHarmony: