Free Dating Sites Online

The vast majority of online dating sites cost money, but there are a few free dating sites out there that offer everything for free. The most popular of these,, has actually become one of the largest dating sites period. On this page, I’d like to list a few of the most popular free dating sites and also explain the pros and cons of paid vs. free dating websites.

Best Free Dating Sites

There are only two free dating sites that are actually worth mentioning here. There are many more than that out there, but other free dating sites do not yet have the membership numbers to make them worth the time. Your best bet for no-cost online dating is to check out both of the following websites:

These two sites probably account for 90% of the active profiles in the “free” dating site niche. Even if you plan on paying for a membership at some other dating site, we recommend you have an account at both of these websites. It doesn’t cost anything and it gets your profile out there in front of more eyes. There is nothing to lose by trying a free dating website.

Advantages of Free Dating Sites

The most obvious advantage of free dating sites is that they don’t cost anything. If you’re on a budget or simply want to dip your toes in the water before paying for a full membership, you can give a free dating site a try first. From there, you can decide if you like the idea of online dating. You may even find a few nice dates without ever paying for a membership at a paid dating site.

A second advantage is that the biggest free dating sites have huge membership bases. Plenty of Fish currently boasts having more than 30 million member profiles and 145 million visitors every month. Needless to say, that is a huge dating pool.

Disadvantages of Free Dating Sites

The greatest disadvantage of free dating sites is that the quality of members can be sketchy. Because no credit card information is needed, it’s easy for people to set up fake profiles that are designed to send you to commercial websites. And additionally, people with dark purposes find it easier to set up a profile with misleading information.

Another disadvantage of free dating sites is that most of them have small membership bases. The two dating sites recommended above have a ton of users, but most of the rest are very small. You’ll have a harder time finding people to meet and date. The good news is that this disadvantage can be avoided by simply sticking with the largest dating sites listed above.

And finally, people tend to be more serious at paid dating sites. The fact that everyone at a paid dating site has spent money to be a member implies that these people seriously want to find someone to date. Free dating sites have a lot more people who are simply there to browse the profiles without really setting up anything serious.