Herpes Dating Sites

An estimated one in four adults has herpes right now and there are approximately one million new herpes cases every year. Despite the disease being so common, there is still an unfortunate social stigma that surrounds herpes. Needless to say, a case of herpes can make dating a scary and difficult situation.

Herpes dating sites are a great answer to the problems that surround dating with an STD. The issue of disclosing a case of herpes is one of the greatest fears of people who have been recently diagnosed with herpes. Fortunately, herpes dating sites have become extremely popular and now provide a friendly place where you can meet people who are guaranteed to be accepting of your minor condition.

Top Herpes Dating Sites

It’s no surprise that there are quite a few herpes dating sites, especially considering the statistics of herpes occurrences. However, only a few herpes dating sites can be considered the best. If you want to have the best success finding a partner for romance or casual dating, the herpes dating sites on this page are the ones we recommend above all others.

The main thing that stands out about the best herpes dating sites is the number of members. There are hundreds of thousands of singles available and ready to talk at the biggest herpes dating sites. We recommend these sites first because you’ll have the most luck finding a strong connection with someone in your area.

The top herpes dating sites also get our recommendation because they include more than just a simple matchmaking service. The best sites in the industry also include herpes support groups, message boards, advice columns and articles written by people who have learned how to live a full life with herpes.

How Herpes Dating Sites Work

One of the main questions people ask about herpes dating sites is about how privacy is guaranteed. There are several ways herpes dating sites deal with this. First of all, you’re not allowed to view profiles until you have made a membership. Although this isn’t a perfect safeguard, it does prevent your profile from being splashed on the front page of the website.

Secondly, you are allowed to share as much information or as little information that you want. You can keep your profile details private until you’re ready to talk to someone. Alternatively, you are also welcome to share all your information if you feel comfortable.

Other than that, herpes dating sites work in pretty much the same manner as general online dating sites. All you have to do is create a profile, pick a username and tell a little about yourself. After that, you are welcome to try the site out or upgrade to a paid membership.

The costs of joining herpes dating sites are in line with what the rest of the industry charges. These dating sites don’t try to extort you just because you have a case of herpes. You’ll find that the membership prices are reasonable across the board. When it comes to finding love, the price of a membership is worth it.