Jewish Dating Sites

With only 0.2% of the world’s population classifying themselves as Jewish, dating can be a difficult game for Jewish singles. Finding other Jewish singles is no easy task anywhere outside of Israel. In order to address that difficulty, several Jewish dating sites have opened for business over the years.

There are actually more than a dozen Jewish dating sites out there, but the top 2 or 3 Jewish dating sites dominate the market. If you’re interested in meeting other Jewish singles, we recommend a visit to any of the top Jewish dating sites. The most popular Jewish dating websites have nearly a million members located around the world.

Best Jewish Dating Sites

Every dating website likes to claim it is the best dating site on the internet, but only a couple of Jewish dating sites have really caught our attention. The most important thing to consider in a Jewish dating site is the number of active members.  A dating site can have the best features in the world, but it’s pointless to join if that site doesn’t have a solid member base.

The more members a dating site has, the easier it is for you to meet local Jewish singles. You’ll have the best odds of meeting someone compatible at the largest dating sites. For that reason, we consider the number of members above everything else when ranking the best Jewish dating sites.

One thing we’ve noticed about the top few Jewish dating sites is that they offer more than just a simple online dating interface. The top sites also include extra features that are designed for Jewish singles in particular. For example, offers features such as a synagogue directory and a Jewish holiday calendar.

The top dating sites for Jewish singles have managed to include Judaism in all aspects of dating. Anyone who is serious about finding a Jewish partner will find a variety of resources that aim to include Judaism in the dating scene. Despite taking dating to the internet age, the best Jewish dating sites manage to infuse tradition into the whole process.

How Jewish Dating Sites Work

The actual dating process at Jewish dating sites is basically the same as it is at other dating sites. When you first join a Jewish dating site, you’ll be asked to create a profile and tell a little bit about yourself. You can then upload photos and start looking for singles in your area.

As you browse through the profiles of other singles, you’ll have options to narrow down the search based on certain things such as location and certain physical features. These search options allow you to choose how far you are willing to travel and help you find people that you are more likely to find attractive.

The biggest Jewish dating sites offer additional features to help with the whole dating scene. You will find features such as magazines and blog posts that offer dating tips and provide information about upcoming events. Some sites also offer mobile dating applications that help you stay connected even when you are away from the computer.

Overall, Jewish dating sites operate in a similar manner to other dating sites. The biggest difference is that religion plays a large role at Jewish dating websites. If you value your beliefs and want someone who feels the same way, a Jewish dating site is the way to go.