LavaLifeReview of Lavalife is a singles dating site that is designed to appeal to as wide a variety of people as possible. Unlike other dating sites, Lavalife welcomes people without subjecting them to extensive personality tests that can take an hour to complete. Instead, the goal is to let as many people as possible join the site without restrictions and let fate do the rest.

With nearly 2 million active members and 26,000 new registrations every week, is certainly a large and active dating site. To further illustrate this point, reported recently that more than 1.3 million messages are exchanged between Lavalife members every day. If you’re serious about meeting new people, is worth a look.

How It Works

Lavalife takes a casual approach to online dating. The only things you have to do are visit the website and create an account. Once you have an account, you are given free reign to browse the site and start meeting other people. It costs nothing to create an account and reply to messages, but you will have to upgrade before you can reach out and initiate first contact with other people.

The website is organized into three distinct sections based on the desires of each member. One section is devoted to casual dating, another section is devoted to long term relationships and one section is devoted to intimate encounters. Lavalife members can post profiles in one, two or all three of these sections. As an added bonus, allows unique profiles and usernames within each section for added privacy.

A detailed search feature makes it easy to locate singles in your area and narrow down the results based on your own preferences. This is a nice contrast to some other dating sites that force you to rely on their automatically-generated profile matches. One of the most useful pieces of information you’ll get when browsing search results is the length of time it has been since each user’s last login. This avoids the hassle of you sending messages to long-abandoned profiles. Pros and Cons

The ability to browse profiles at will is a nice advantage that Lavalife has over other chemistry-driven dating sites. With an account at Lavalife, you are free to search for other singles and talk to anyone else on the site. This might be the one major advantage that prevents you from missing out on meeting someone special.

Another major selling point for is that the date of each member’s last login is displayed within the search results. There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to send personal messages to people and then realize later that the profile has been inactive for months. This single piece of information is invaluable when it comes to saving time.

The main thing we don’t like about Lavalife is that it’s a big and somewhat impersonal dating site. Other dating sites help facilitate conversation by providing their members with funny conversation starters and mini-quizzes that they can send to their matches. At Lavalife, you’re on your own.

There are a couple of other smaller annoyances that we would like to mention as well. First of all, it’s kind of slow to browse member profiles after searching. Your search results are displayed with pictures, but right-clicking (to open in a new tab) has been disabled for some reason. This means you can only visit a single profile at a time and then you have to hit the back button and wait for the search results to load again.

We also found that the search results and main website content area were off center in the latest version of Firefox. This was only noticeable after signing up for a free account and performing a search. And finally, there appeared to be a number of fake profiles with stock photos and poorly written profiles.

Lavalife Membership Options

A full Lavalife subscription allows you to initiate contact with members, send unlimited e-mails and see who has viewed your profile. There are three membership options available: