Matchmaking Dating Sites

Matchmaking dating sites take a different approach to online dating than regular dating sites. In the matchmaking model, you do not search for matches yourself by browsing countless profiles of other singles. Instead, the dating site finds matches that are likely to be compatible to you and then sends those matches to your e-mail address.

The matchmaking approach to online dating is still relatively new but it has already proven to be quite successful. One of the largest matchmaking dating sites,, results in an average of 542 marriages per day. Needless to say, matchmaking dating sites are doing something right.

Best Matchmaking Dating Sites

The best matchmaking dating sites take a scientific approach to helping you find matches. These sites do not just randomly pair you up with singles who match your age and location. Instead, you are given a full relationship questionnaire and then matches are found based on that information.

New matches are delivered to your inbox every day at the best matchmaking dating sites. You can then choose to send a message to those matches or send a small batch of pre-selected questions to your match. These “quizzes” are just short icebreakers that can be used to generate conversation and help you get to know the other person.

Any time you and one of your matches appear to have a connection, you are given the option to communicate freely with one another. You can start with simple e-mail messages and then move on to instant messaging and phone conversation if things appear to progress. At any point, you and your match can schedule a date and take it from there.

How Matchmaking Dating Sites Work

Matchmaking dating sites are structured and scientific in their approach to online dating. The best matchmaking dating sites are powered by research from psychologists and relationship therapists. These online dating sites have identified the characteristics that result in successful, long term relationships.

Online MatchmakingWhen you first join a matchmaking dating site, you are given a questionnaire that analyzes your relationship profile. The information from this questionnaire is then used to help you find matches that are likely to be compatible with you. It takes a good 30 or 40 minutes to complete the psychological test, but it has been a very successful method for online dating.

One thing that turns some people off from matchmaking dating sites is that you don’t have as much freedom at these sites as you do at traditional dating sites. Matchmaking dating sites do not give you the option to browse user profiles at will. You simply have to wait for matches to be delivered to your inbox each morning.

This may sound like a major drawback, but keep in mind that this has been a very successful model. The biggest matchmaking site of them all ( is responsible for a whopping 5% of all marriages that take place in the United States today. If you’re looking for a long term relationship with someone compatible, a matchmaking dating site is always worth a look.