New Dating Sites

New dating sites open all the time in the competitive online dating industry. These new dating sites are worth checking out because many of them are innovative places that put new spins on the classic online dating formula. Some of the best new dating sites have made big waves in the industry already.

If you’d like to try something different, you can visit a variety of new online dating sites. These websites do not have as many members of other dating sites, but you’ll get to try something new and meet other people in a more intimate atmosphere. You may also benefit from the lower prices that new dating sites tend to charge.

Advantages of New Dating Sites

One of the chief advantages of new dating sites is that you get a chance to try out new things from unique startups. For example, we ran across one dating site in which the men post profiles and then the women have to make the first move. Other dating sites appeal to a wide range of interests that includes everything from books to concerts.

New dating sites tend to charge lower prices for their memberships. Small and unproven dating sites need to get new customers as quickly as possible in order to be attractive to more customers. It’s a sort of catch-22 that dating sites have to break through in order to experience significant growth.

Going along those same lines, many new dating sites offer special promotions to new members. For example, you may get to try the site for free for two weeks. During this trial period, you will be given full access to the dating site with no restrictions. These free promos give you a chance to try the site out without spending any money for a membership.

A third advantage of new dating sites is that they often offer services in specialty niches. We’ve seen a variety of new dating sites open up that offer everything from military online dating to vegetarian singles. These specialty sites can be used to find people that share similar interests as you.


One disadvantage of trying new dating sites is that they are largely unproven dating sites. There’s not as much information out there about brand new dating sites. You’ll have a hard time looking up reviews and customer testimonials from new dating sites.

A second potential disadvantage of new dating sites is that most of these sites have not yet had enough time to build a large member base. This can make it more difficult to find singles who live in your area. Older, more established dating sites have upwards of a million or more active singles.

Other than that, there are no other real disadvantages to brand new dating websites. If you’re interested in giving something new a try, a new dating site may very well be the way to go. At the very least, you’ll get a chance to try something new and possibly even find the love of your life.