PerfectMatch.comReview of is a dating site that uses questionnaires and unique icebreaking tools to help people find matches and get to know one another. The matchmaking system in place at makes this a place that is geared towards people who are interested in eventually finding a lasting relationship. As one of the larger and more successful dating sites on the internet, has a large member base that makes finding potential matches easy.

How It Works uses the “Duet Total Compatibility System” to help find the most compatible matches possible. Not only does the system match people with similar interests, but it also helps find people who complement one another. This is a unique approach in matchmaking that should help you find others who are not only compatible with you, but people who challenge and interest you.

Upon joining PerfectMatch, you’ll be asked to take a quick personality test. This test will ask basic questions that are used to get an overall picture of your personality, lifestyle, values and preferences. After you take the test, you’ll be introduced to potential matches who have also taken a similar test.

Some of the questions you will be asked are basic in nature, while others may appear quite random. Every question has a purpose, though, so answer honestly in order to help find the best matches. In addition to questions about you, you’ll also be asked about things you like to see in your matches. You can choose preferences such as body type, hair color, smoking preference, children, etc.

If you find a match that interests you, will then help you initiate conversation and get to know one another with its online conversation helpers. For example, includes icebreaker questions that are designed to help you introduce yourself and get to know other people on the site.

PerfectMatch Pros and Cons

Date at PerfectMatch.comThe greatest advantage of is that it attempts to match people who actually have chemistry. Additionally, it’s nice that PerfectMatch does not just try to match you with people who are exactly like you. The personality questions are designed to also help you meet others who complement your personality type. restricts your ability to browse to only those matches that it has chosen for you. You’ll be given plenty of matches to look through, but you will never have free reign to roam the site at will. This is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it helps you stay focused on compatible people, but on the other hand it is a bit restricting.

You can see potential matches without paying for a membership, but you will be required to upgrade to contact your matches. The good news is that every once in a while offers free communication weekends. During these times, you can contact your matches without upgrading to a premium membership. Membership Plans offers a pretty standard variety of membership plans. Pricing is about par for the industry with the following options: