Plenty of FishPlenty of Fish Review is a free online dating site that has a huge member base and costs nothing to use. This is one of the few dating sites on the internet that does not charge its members to create profiles or communicate with one another. There are optional features that can be purchased with an upgraded membership, but these features are entirely optional.

Plenty of Fish is one of the internet’s greatest success stories. The dating site was started years ago by a single guy on a budget. The idea kicked off and eventually became the internet’s largest online dating site. Today, Plenty of Fish has more than 30 million registered singles and receives 145 million visitors every month.

How Plenty of Fish Works

Plenty of Fish works in a similar fashion to other dating sites except it doesn’t cost anything to use. You can visit the POF website, create an account and start talking to people right away. It costs nothing to set up your profile and send messages to other users.

More recently, Plenty of Fish added a chemistry test that you can take to help find personalized matches. You can still browse other profiles at will, but the optional chemistry test helps you find people with whom you are likely to be compatible. Most dating sites with personality tests and customized matches charge quite a bit of money.

If you decide to upgrade your account, you’ll get access to extra features such as a highlighted profile in the search results, no advertising, the ability to see who has read your e-mails and a few other features. These additional features make it easier to meet people, but they are not necessary.

Plenty of Fish also has an interesting rating game that resembles the old “Hot or Not” website. In this area, you are shown pictures of people from the opposite sex and can then choose whether or not you would be interested in meeting these people. It’s a simple idea but surprisingly addictive.

Overall, Plenty of Fish is worth a look. The dating site has a ton of active users and it costs nothing to use. There’s simply no reason to avoid this dating site. You don’t have to enter your credit card information or even upload a picture if you don’t want to. Even if you plan on paying for a premium dating site at some point, you might as well make a free profile at Pros and Cons

The most obvious advantage of Plenty of Fish is that it costs nothing to use. Yes, there are additional paid options available, but you are never once asked to pay to have an account and talk to other people. You can use this site as much as you want and meet as many people as you want without paying a thing.

One downside to is that the free membership doesn’t do much to vet out weird people, empty profiles and inactive profiles. Anyone is free to join the site whether or not they have a bank account or credit card. This isn’t a huge con, but it would be smart for you to be aware of who you are talking to at all times.

The huge member base is a major advantage for Plenty of Fish as well. There are more than 30 million profiles and tons of people to talk to no matter where you live. The free aspect of has made it an easy choice for millions of people.

Membership Options

A basic Plenty of Fish membership costs nothing at all. You can visit the website right now and sign up for an account. does have additional features that you can purchase with a full membership. These extra features include things such as highlighted search results for your profile, no more advertising, the ability to see who has read your e-mails, the ability to use themes on your profile and higher placement in the “Meet Me” feature.

There are three options for the additional membership: