Russian Dating Sites Online

Russian dating sites have received a mixture of reviews from actual customers. Some people report great success with Russian dating sites and others return with tales of scams and fraud in an unregulated industry. From what we can tell, Russian dating sites can be great places to find love if they are approached with the right mindset.

Russian dating websites can be separated into two distinct categories. In one category, we have Russian dating sites that specialize in international arrangements – typically between a Russian woman and a Western man. These are often referred to as “mail order bride” websites. In the other category, we have regular dating sites that specialize in Russian singles.

International Russian Dating Sites

These dating sites that people are referring to when they mention mail order brides. In this category, you’ll find both successful and unsuccessful stories from customers. The greatest challenge in international Russian dating sites is that there is a great distance between you and the people you are trying to meet.

One of the most common concerns we hear about these types of Russian dating sites is the fear of scams. There are stories abound on the internet in which a Western man meets a beautiful Russian woman online and thinks he has fallen in love. A few months later, he realizes that she saw him as nothing more than a quick Visa into the United States.

These types of Russian dating sites can work, but they need to be approached with caution. If you ever get that “uh oh” feeling or a sense of suspicion, listen to your instincts. If you get to know a pretty lady and she asks you for money due to travel issues, health issues or any other reason, it’s probably a scam.

Russian Singles Dating Sites

These are regular dating sites that happen to specialize in Russian singles. These dating sites work in the same manner as other specialized dating sites that specialize in Jewish singles, black singles and so on. These Russian dating sites tend to be much safer because they do not focus on international relationships – they are for local singles of Russian descent.

Some Russian dating sites are actually located in Russia and work in the same manner as American dating sites. Others are set up for people who live in the United States and wish to meet other Americans of Russian descent. In either case, these dating sites are basically the same as other online dating sites.

Getting started at one of these kinds of Russian dating sites is as simple as signing up for an account and creating a dating profile. You’ll have to ask a few questions about what you’re looking for in a partner and then tell a little bit about yourself. You will definitely want to upload a few pictures as well. Otherwise, your response rate will be close to 0%.

Instead of signing up at Russian-only dating sites, you can also consider just signing up at large mainstream dating sites. At most online dating sites, you can specific what types of people you would like to meet. This option works pretty well because large dating sites have tons of members of all nationalities.