Teen Dating Sites

Teen dating sites are difficult to find because most companies are unwilling to get involved with minors and dating. Unfortunately, the risk of predators abusing teen dating sites is too high for legitimate companies to get involved in the teen dating market. As of right now, there are not many choices for online dating for teenagers.

I’ve heard that there are regular dating sites like Match.com that have special areas for teens, but I have been unable to locate any. The closest thing we had to a legit teen dating site was ESpin.com, but that site has since gone out of business. As of right now, it looks like you’re going to have to find other ways to meet potential dates.

If any worthwhile teen dating sites open for business, I’ll let you know right here. Don’t hold your breath, though. The market for teen dating may be large, but so is the risk. Few dating sites are willing to risk facing lawsuits by opening their doors to minors.

Teen Dating Site Alternatives

Your best alternative right now is to just go out and meet people. I know this may not have been the answer you were looking for, but that’s the reality of the market today. Even if you do manage to find a teen dating site, it won’t be a very big site. I did a good deal of research for this page and couldn’t find any decent mainstream teen dating sites.

Seriously, you’ll have better luck meeting people on Facebook or MySpace. Those sites don’t discriminate against teens and almost every teenager in the world has an account at one or the other. If you’re afraid of sounding creepy on social networking sites, there’s a better solution: use social networking sites to find new hobbies and expand your social circle. Eventually you’ll find someone date-worthy.

The best alternative to teen dating sites is just getting out of the house, finding new hobbies and meeting new people. Not only do you expand your group of friends, but you also become a more confident, interesting person. If you have a couple of interesting hobbies, you have things to talk about with the opposite sex. You will also be perceived as a busy person, which is a good thing in the dating scene.

Online Teen Dating Safety

If you do manage to find a way to meet people online, there are a couple of basic safety precautions you should take. First of all, you should always meet people for the first time in a public place. Remember: the internet is completely anonymous and you never really know who you’re talking to until you meet that person face to face.

You should also let an adult know where you’re going before you meet someone for the first time. This may sound a little overboard, but if something goes wrong on your date, people will know where to find you. This is just a basic safety precaution that I recommend for everyone. The annoyance is worth the peace of mind.