Top Rated Online Dating Sites

Online dating has become such a massive industry in recent times that there are now hundreds of dating sites out there. This is both a good thing and a bad thing for those of you interested in giving online dating a try. On the positive side, having so many options is a great thing for the customer. It generates competition for your business and gives you the ability to be as picky as you want when choosing a dating site.

On the negative side, having so many options makes it difficult to figure out which dating sites are the best. The good news is that we have compiled a list of the top rated dating sites right here. A few major dating sites have emerged as the uncontested winners in the online dating arena.

About the Top Rated Dating Sites

Each dating website on this page has been rated among the best in a highly competitive industry. These dating sites have all shown innovation, success and high quality customer service. Even better is the fact that each of the top rated dating sites has a huge member base and a ton of active singles.

The greatest advantage to joining a top rated dating site is that the numbers work in your favor. If you join a dating site that has a million or more singles, it’s pretty likely you’ll have a successful online dating experience. The more people you have to talk to, the easier it is to find someone with whom you really connect.

The other good thing about joining one of the top rated dating sites is that you are treated to a unique experience. The best dating sites on the internet have found ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Some dating sites have developed scientific matchmaking services while others have managed to attract so many people that you’ll find dates no matter where you live.

How We Pick the Best Rated Dating Sites

Top Rated Online DatingWe use a fairly simple process to pick and rank the best dating sites. First of all, the main thing we look for are dating sites that are massively popular. We are firm believers that the more members there are, the easier it is to find dates. Smaller dating sites make it much more difficult to find suitable matches – especially if you live in a rural area.

The next thing we look at is the quality of service offered by each dating site. There are quite a few dating sites with tons of members, but not all of those dating sites do a good job weeding out fake profiles, offering matchmaking services or making it easy to start chatting. The top rated dating sites take extra measures to make sure the overall experience is worthwhile.

Another thing we look for when picking the best rated dating sites is the cost of membership at each dating site. In today’s economy, people don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just for the chance to meet other people. The best rated dating sites have managed to offer a superior service while at the same time keeping membership prices reasonable.